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“Jack Mathers was my first lust. Hot, older, completely off-limits, and out of my league–or so I thought. Turns out the feeling is mutual. Wanting him has never been the problem, my awakening abilities are. When I’m not careful my kiss can kill a man.

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Hot rock stars? Bad boys? Finding the perfect woman? Sexy times? Yes, please! Dig into this box set containing four full-length rock star romance novels. Includes: Bullet, Everything But, On The Run, Love and Lies. Plus two bonus novellas: No Place Like Home & Beating

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Each of these three prequel stories introduces you to a Sweetheart Springs couple, coming soon to your e-reader (or in paperback) in the form of a second chance love story. So grab a chair, a blanket, and some hot cocoa, and come visit our little

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She’s a classy bakery owner waiting for her perfect match. He’s a blue-collar carpenter who doesn’t wait for anything. Can they look past their differences to find love? Cleo After a nasty divorce, I’m determined to save myself for the perfect man. Unfortunately, none of

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