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He craved revenge. When Candice Harper walked into his life, she looked like a million bucks. Desirable. Fuckable. And sexy as hell. But she was not the woman he’d hired to enact revenge against his ex. She was even better. She just wanted to graduate.

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Can a perky optimist and a moody bachelor overcome their differences to discover that opposites make the best matches? Sarah I will let nothing get in my way as I navigate my demanding position on the Home Design Network, especially not a grumpy, gorgeous 6’4

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With the tragic loss of his wife almost 2 years ago, Hudson Barlow is a lost soul struggling to find his way in the world again. Deciding on small steps, he convinces himself to grab coffee at a local diner. Easy enough, he thinks. What

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Today was a special day, a day she would never forget. The first time she had met a man. And she had taken him as her prisoner… Deep in the undiscovered forests of Urquaid, the Tinka women live in secret, haunted by their traumatic past.

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