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ONE PASSIONATE NIGHT. TWO LOST SOULS. A WHOLE WORLD OF TROUBLE. Juggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat usually keeps Abby Anderson’s mind off her shattered love life. But when a painful anniversary tears open an old wound, she finds comfort in

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Cari: How hard is it to die? Don’t ask me. I’ve been failing at it for a year. My father lost his life in a fatal car wreck while I walked away without a scratch. Now I taunt that bastard Death on a daily basis.

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Lauren Davis is a successful journalist, but a failure in the relationship department. She needs a date for her cousin’s wedding on Nantucket Island. Seth, her faithful friend and co-worker, agrees to have Lauren’s back for when she faces her sleazy ex-husband, Tim the tool,

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She thought she was rescuing them, but they’ll be the ones to free her. Charlotte works for the Sacred Order a very exclusive laboratory that deals in protecting all of mankind, not that Charlotte is sure just how they do that. One day she gets

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One two three four five six seven. All good sinners go to heaven. Peace Corps volunteer June Shellmound returns to Arizona to care for her dying mother. At the clubhouse of The Bare Bones motorcycle club, June is swept into the drama when half-breed Lytton Driving

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