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Can this single dad be taught a lesson in love—by his daughter’s teacher? Wes Davis is back in Silver Leaf Falls with his 6-year-old daughter in tow. If there is anywhere he can provide the kind of life his daughter deserves, it is his hometown.

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The protective cowboy in the bar rescued me. But will he keep me safe when he knows what he’s up against? Drew I’m not like everyone else in this dank little bar. I won’t turn a blind eye to a woman being dragged outside, even

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He’s a wounded Army cowboy. She’s a horse trainer with deadly aim. It could be true love, if he can shelve his pride and she doesn’t run back home first. Dwayne Carver is set to inherit his family’s ranch in the heart of Texas Hill

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A scarred Duke. A blind Duchess. A love like no other. After the tragic accident that left her parents dead, Lady Natalie Crawdon has been tormented by her blindness and the ton’s shameless mouth. She’s destined to never marry and she knows it. But once

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While investigating the murder of Brett Myers, homicide detective Alexis Adams finds a possible connection between Myers’ murder and Grant Copeland, the most powerful man in town. Alexis has recently moved back to Tate Valley, California and has never forgotten how Grant ruined her mother’s

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