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Magic. Mayhem. And a little romance! Nursing a broken heart, Julia takes a job far away from home in the little town of Mystic Cove. She has no interest in dating, at least for a while, but the eccentric old lady who owns the local

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A wrong text threw me into the right arms… Nothing worse than a blind date turned bad, but to make matters worse my SOS text didn’t go to my friend. It went to a huge, gorgeous stranger, who appeared out of nowhere. I took a

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Everyone thinks he’s dead, but he has returned and will do whatever it takes to protect his family. Adriano Deluca is a man on a mission with a wife who is just as savage as he is. Melody has grown from a naïve little girl

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Billionaire Aiden Bryant didn’t get to stay at his beach house as often as he liked. He was happy to loan it to his friend so his daughter could use it for her graduation trip. But he never expected to meet the woman who was

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Declan I have fame and fortune. I gained the lead role in a the TV show Dark Storm and I can have a different woman in my bed every night. I thought this was what I wanted. That was until I met Callie. We had

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