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Short on time? This box set of four small town, bite-sized romances is perfect to binge on! The Write Time For Love, Begin Again, Tastes Like Home, and Sweet, Like You. The Write Time For Love: Banoffee Pie. I blame that mouth-watering deliciousness on the

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The world is concerned with my bachelor status more than my wealth. Time to get a fake date to shut them up. There’s no one better for the job than my ex-girlfriend. I know everything about her, every curve, every sigh, every way to make

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He saved me, protected me. Now the mafia man wants to collect on the debt. It’s not his miles of suntanned muscles and irresistible smolder that has me dying to say yes. It’s the fact I wear my heart on my sleeve and this man

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Billionaire Aiden Bryant didn’t get to stay at his beach house as often as he liked. He was happy to loan it to his friend so his daughter could use it for her graduation trip. But he never expected to meet the woman who was

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What happens when her Secret Santa is revealed? Will she return the gifts or will she wrap herself? At thirty-six, Axel Chase is relieved when the judge sentenced him to community service until he hears the word—Santa. Axel is the owner of the local automobile

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