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Damon: My life has revolved around the shelter for as long as I can remember. It’s easier that way, animals don’t cause pain the way humans do. My animal videos went viral on social media, but I’d rather hide than live in the spotlight. Women

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I’m not sure which is worse–the lawyer handling my grandmother’s estate or the attack pelican living on the screened-in porch. Just kidding–I’ll take the pelican any day. After graduation, I thought I’d be off to grad school, doing research on my favorite poet. Instead, I’m

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For years, bad boy, Levi Milligan battled his inner demons. Childhood trauma and a selfish, uncaring father left Levi vulnerable to forming relationships which eventually caused him shame. His fans had no idea, all they saw was the rock star they idolized, living a life

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A demon finds his fated mate—only to learn she’s engaged to another… Jacen Hanibal never wanted to leave home, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And his heart’s fire wants his fated mate, a human woman named Evelyn Knight, an exotic dancer from

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A Reverse Age Gap, Single Mom, Summer Romance At twenty-three, I lost everything. My husband. My love for life. My will to live. All I had left was my beautiful baby boy. Somehow, I picked up the pieces of myself and my life, and I

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