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Carter Fleming broke my heart right after our first kiss. Years later, we found a way to be best friends again. Until I blurt out to my evil stepsister that Carter is my boyfriend. To avoid humiliating myself further, I ask for his help in

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Every night, I float on the pool. And every night, he watches me. The caretaker is scarred. Surly. He walks with a limp and barely speaks. Most residents in our building are afraid of him, but not me. I want him closer. Feeling his eyes

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She wanted to be a star—until he crushed her dreams in front of millions. When Ivy Quinn’s father dies, her dream of moving to Nashville gets put on hold, but she isn’t giving up on a music career. At least not until country superstar Nash

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Every inch of my body screams to be touched by my savagely hot Mafia captors. They possess me and my body. And I’m afraid my soul will be theirs too. The Ferrari men are monsters that disturbingly get sick pleasure out of torturing people. I’ve

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Meet the Order of the Black Oak: a powerful order of modern-day warriors fighting evil to protect the ones they love. When rugged warlock turned fisherman Reynolds Stanford finds himself stranded in a haunted New England harbor at the approach of a powerful tropical storm,

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