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The Man of the Month Club meetings are the hottest ticket in Indianapolis as word of the matchmaking application’s surprising, wildly successful pairings begins to spread. JANUARY: Maggie’s scars are visible to everyone. Jett’s are hidden deep inside. They are both too damaged to love…

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When a billionaire boss falls for her hunky bodyguard… Newly promoted Executive VP Bailey Maddox is anxious to prove her worth to her hard-to-please billionaire family. Knowing her unexpected attraction to her new bodyguard isn’t exactly going to wow them out with her professionalism, she

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I was searching for a new home. What I found was a wild mountain man. I moved to this small town to build a new life. How was I supposed to know there’d be nowhere else to stay? Or that Caleb Walker likes his cabin

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The Royal Bastards MC is mine. My club. My family. My salvation. And I will do anything to protect it. I’m brutal. Crazy. Ruthless. And I won’t apologize for it. I never believed I would love anything as much as being SAA and taking the Devil’s

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