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She Is A Single Mother Who Has Never Fit In. Her life had never been a fairy tale. Adopted at birth, Isabella never felt like she fit in. All she ever wanted was a happy family and a love of her own. When she suddenly

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What do three scorching hot Navy SEALs have in common? Me and they’re not stopping until I give them everything they crave. You see, I loved them once. And then they pushed me away. Said I was too young. The daughter of the wrong woman

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One look. That’s all it took for me to fall hopelessly in love with Rachel. My Rachel. I’ll do anything for her. The pretty little barista doesn’t even know me. But I make it my mission to know everything about her. When circumstances force me

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He might be king of the damned, but he’ll be damned if he lets anything get in the way of his obsession… Fallen king. That’s what they call me, even though I was once the most powerful celestial in the realm. I was wronged, my

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