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This week's featured trope:
Fake Engagement/Marriage

What happens when you receive orders to marry a complete stranger? Maxwell receives a new mission to marry Vanessa Lambert. Upon further research, he figures out she’s worth billions of dollars, has two Ph.D.’s and is the foremost authority on biological agents and neural mapping.

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Fake marriage? If that’s what it takes to get the job done. Boone Wynton is one of the top bodyguards on the WEST Protection team and in the country. So taking a job to protect the wife of a billionaire oil tycoon seems like a

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Ellie Monroe is miserable. Living and working on the romantic island of Maui should be paradise, but she’s got a crush on the IT guy at work and there’s nothing she can do about it. Mally Kekoa, Mr. IT to his co-workers, has overcome a

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Neither of them foresaw a future that might include the other, and they certainly didn’t intend to fall in love. World War I veteran Brian ‘Doughboy’ McGee didn’t need anyone’s help, but in the middle of a rainy February night, a woman shows up on

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He’s gorgeous, charming, and barely knows I exist… until I become his fake fiancee and for the next thirty days, he’ll do everything to prove to his father that he’s a changed man or risk getting cut off from the family fortune. But when the

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Weston I have every reason to be cocky—money, power, and good looks. At least I thought I did. Turns out one bad decision could cost me everything. Now I have to find someone to marry, and my assistant is the easiest choice. It isn’t until

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With her name mired in scandal, Cornelia Mortmain’s marriage prospects are nil. Wild adventurer Burnell is exactly the sort of ‘dangerous man’ she’s sworn off, and posing as his fiancée can only spell trouble. Or, make her so notorious she’ll become irresistible. Can they convince

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