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Angelica Rose’s mom always told her that desperate times called for desperate measures. Walking into a strip club and asking for an audition certainly qualifies as desperate, but when her mom’s battle with cancer ends months before Angelica is due to start college, she doesn’t

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It’s illegal … But only if you get caught. Brianna Winter. Aggravatingly organized. Perpetually prim. Stuck-up. Straitlaced. Sex on a stick with a candy coating of complete indifference. My wife. I thought it would be easy—I can spend a year married to the uptight Miss

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RICK: Meeting Clara isn’t intentional. But I’m intentional about holding on to her. I want her for keeps. She’s the kind of woman that catches my fancy. Simple and different, sweet and delightful. Her heart is open to love and adventure as well. Can anything

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Love is a complicated game… …but when your family is the cartel, well, it can get messy! When Camila and Marco enjoyed a breath-taking night together, they never knew what the future had in store for them. That fated night sparked the beginning of upheaval…

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Grab this collection of 10 steamy books about bad boys who will get your hearts racing and have you Falling for the Bad Boy! Pirates Hockey Players MMA Fighters Unalivers Princes This collection has it all and SO MUCH MORE! Fall for the bad boy

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Tender romance, witty humor, spine-chilling suspense. You’ll lose yourself in this book because the characters seem like you could sit down with them over coffee. Etta and Tom have kissed passionately but don’t remember it. They’re both starting life over, she as a writer in

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