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Is Keeli’s misstep a tumble into true love? Feisty Keeli Larsen has nothing more to lose. She’s left her home, her family, and her job to pursue a solo career as a jewelry designer. She’s poured her last dime into the new venture. but reserved

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She may be my brother’s first love, but I can’t resist her. I’ve stayed away from Silverton for nearly a decade. But now that the family business is crumbling, I know it’s time to come home. Even if it means seeing Bel again. My brothers

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I want my single dad neighbor to spank me and call me princess. There are so many reasons to stay away from snooty billionaire Xander Young. He’s my neighbor in this small town, twice my age, comes with crazy baggage and is rude as heck!

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This wasn’t supposed to happen. Business is the priority. Whiskey soothes his demons. Women come and go. It’s his underground club. His rules. He’s in control. But rules are made to be broken. Lana Craig wanders into his club like a defenceless lamb strays into

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