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Dust off your boots and string the lights, Christmas has come to Rock Springs, Texas! Who knew a blizzard could derail your plans at the same time it offers you a new future? I love my trucking route being able to see the country and

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Two Days, One Interview, Twenty-Five Years of Rock ‘N Roll. Telling his story might just repair past relationships and ignite new ones. Jack O’Donnell is a middle-aged rock star with a long history of bad decisions. When unimaginable circumstances bring Jack and journalist Erin Langford, together,

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When the king of the human realm drops the protection of the jinnee, Maya Helms once again finds the life she is trying to create for herself and her family on the brink of ruin. In the wake of tragedy, Maya Helms finds herself embroiled

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He doesn’t want to colonize the Earth.  He wants to colonize me. And my body wants to let him. I know his clan takes captives. What I didn’t know was who his next captive would be… Trapped alone on a ship with this shapeshifting alien warrior,

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Wes Bay is the boss who isn’t just a distraction, he’s her perfect distraction… I didn’t mean to trick my little sister’s best friend into working for me. Okay, I totally did, but I need Emily. She’s the only person that can make my new

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While at her exhibition, artist Kaya meets the alluring Seven Prescott, billionaire heir to the LX Energy dynasty in Houston. The chemistry is impossible for Kaya to ignore and before she can blink Seven has her upstairs in the museum getting dirty on a table.

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