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A lonely soldier, a few interfering friends, and the mail-order bride contract they wheedle him into signing — just in time for Christmas! Elizabeth Byrd’s friends beg her to join them in Cowboy Creek as a mail-order bride. At first, the former battlefield nurse is

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A nerdy gamer girl + a teammate’s older brother = a secret relationship that can’t stay hidden forever. Bernie When it comes to gaming, I’m a pro. When it comes to my love life? That’s a different story. I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s

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Hero In My Bed: A Forced Proximity Rom Com I need to stay away from the town’s hot golden boy. He’s waaaay out my league. That doesn’t mean I can’t have my dirty fantasies though, right?   Bad Boy Benefits: A Single Mom Romance From

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Jayden Forced to return to town for supplies and a check-up, the last thing I expect is to bump into a beautiful curvy woman who instantly steals my heart. Hayley Moving to a new area is daunting at the best of times. But the brooding,

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Nyla Nguyen is thankful to be alive, but how much will she risk to keep it that way? A small town girl with dreams of making it big in the city, Nyla is eager to see where her new life will take her, where her

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Brutal is one of many elite soldiers subjected to DNA manipulation against their will. His DNA was mixed with that of wild predators, making him Variant. He’s now head of security at Alliance, the Variant community they all live in. He’s dominant, and prides himself

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