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This cowgirl knows how to ride. All night long. My tomboy best friend is all grown up. One mistletoe kiss is all it takes. Electric and steamy. I want to break all the rules. So do my three brothers. The Kent brothers learned a long

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I have a child with a man whose real name I don’t even know… No, I’m not crazy. I’m just careless. Or rather, I was careless. At 18, I met an older man on vacation. Never asked his name, but we sure as hell made a baby

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Bookish. Bold. Beautiful. And entirely out of his league. On paper, all-American boy next door, Lincoln Scott, has it all. But behind his slap shots, straight-A report card, and easy going charm, Linc hides a secret only his best friend knows. When he attempts to

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Surviving the alien invasion was only the beginning … with civilization destroyed, humanity’s last chance lies with the resistance, a group of fierce survivors, fighting from a hidden cold-war bunker in the south of England. Garrick Former SAS officer Garrick lives for vengeance. But when

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It was finally time to start living a normal life. Or so she thought… Lexi “Lynx” Sobado’s job at Inqiuus was supposed to keep her safe. Planting transmitters, cracking the occasional safe, and using her psychic ability to support her team didn’t require any daring

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My cousin is lost to the fae, My family is on the run. And I’m trapped in the fae world of Underhill—with a beast… I’m supposed to be a witch, but I’m the weakest in my family. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight

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