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The first book in an enemies to lovers, paranormal—Hold up. Stop. I’m not even sorry. Cut the blurb, I’m venting. Sylas. You. Absolute. Prat. You remember what we’ve sacrificed to get to this godforsaken academy, right? All for you, I might add. And while I downed

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Rules are meant to be broken. But can love mend the hearts of this sexy actress and the quiet giant paid to protect her? Demetrius Montgomery governs his world by words. He’s a loner from a large rowdy family who found his voice in writing.

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It was the only life he knew… until it wasn’t. It’s been a year since a Humvee accident changed Navy SEAL Trevor Hawthorne’s life forever, the adrenaline rush that was the only life he knew now gone. In its place is a life where he’ll

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Feel good, Femdom Erotica short story. Samantha and Eric enjoy their happily ever after FLR marriage. When one night, what begins as punishment becomes a passionate competition between two very different men. Seduction, lust, and insatiable appetites. Will it be her sweet and loyal husband

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