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Finally, a man who takes the time to truly listen to her timid whispers… When a girl is abandoned by her Master, she hopes to find a new Dom to care for her. Janson’s protective instincts instantly surge the second he spots her, taking her

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I was young and naïve when I met my other half. I was a good guy, full of hopes and dreams. Falling head over heels for my Songbird. She stole my breath. Rocked my world. Then she trampled my heart the day she disappeared, ghosted

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Rivals. I was the rich kid from St. Thomas Academy, while Taryn attended Bessemer Bay High, the local public school. We had one perfect night. And because I never made a promise I couldn’t keep, I offered her nothing more. Five years passed. Thanks to

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Someone spiked the punch. That’s how Audra ended up in Charlie’s bed. Even though she didn’t regret it, she decided not to make a habit of it. She and Charlie were up for the same promotion. And Audra knew from bitter experience how fast an

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