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The husband hunts, and the wife devours — Albert is a successful businessman, striking deals and putting down the competition in cold blood. By all outward appearances, he’s a traditional family man. However, he has a secret hobby that’s far from conservative. While away on

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Maya I have worked hard to earn my Senatorial position. I’m determined to do what’s right, and keep my life free from scandal, but that proves difficult when one night out at Club Seek threatens my career and reputation. Mason I’ve accomplished a lot not

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I wanted to focus on my career, and move up the ranks entirely on my own. Then I was talked into one little “business date” with my boss, and everything changed in a heartbeat. Or rather, a flutter of them. Watching my family had taught

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After his plane was shot down over the French countryside, Gideon returned home to New Orleans from the Great War broken in mind, body, and spirit. He has struggled for three years to heal himself and find his place in the world. Will his beautiful

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He can bring the heat, but she’s a curveball he never saw coming… Hannah My plan is sound: Fix the major league ballplayer’s PR crisis, ignore the annoying crush I have on the cocky jerk. I’ve had a front-row seat for how he conducts his

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Carter Fleming broke my heart right after our first kiss. Years later, we found a way to be best friends again. Until I blurt out to my evil stepsister that Carter is my boyfriend. To avoid humiliating myself further, I ask for his help in

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