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The hint of smoke. The flash of flames. When the wildfires burn through our towns, THEY step up to the fireline and risk their lives. Help us honor their bravery and sacrifice in this charity romance anthology. Fall in love with the heroes of this

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What happens when a book blogger accidentally publishes her digital diary online? A viral shitstorm, that’s what. No way did I want thousands of subscribers to read my confessions—yet, that’s precisely what went down last night after four, maybe five, too many Cosmos with my girls. Now,

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The Bluecastle Inn is opening in a few weeks. There’s a long list of tasks I need to accomplish before opening day. I don’t need any distractions—I have to focus on making the inn a success. Then guess who happens to show up out of

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Is it possible to order love straight to your door? To find a life that is truly you with a simple leap of faith? Amelia and William have both suffered at the hand of fate, having seen nothing but misfortune as they search for a

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He’s the worst boss I’ve ever had. And the most irresistible… I’m not the kind of girl who sleeps with strangers. But when my blind date turns out to be the sexiest man of my dreams, I’m willing to make an exception. Until I realize

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I hadn’t planned to ever return to the small town of my childhood. It suffocated me. It also had Freddy Bale and I definitely didn’t plan on seeing him again. He broke my eighteen year old heart and left me with secrets which have weighed

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