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This cocky jerk better not break my heart, again. Sebastian Conrad has every woman hoping to see the inside of his penthouse and his bank account. But he took my v-card in high school and ghosted me right after. I thought I moved on and left

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Crystal pushes her luck with her delicious professor and strikes out hard enough to land in summer school. She can slum it for a few weeks without any problem, but the rumors about her might be too hot to handle. Then she meets him. Strong.

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Victor Tudor, a man wrapped in mystery and temptation, gets everything he desires. And for the moment, he craves… me. I fought. It was a losing battle. I ran. His relentlessness ensnared me. I’m a token. A trinket. A toy for Victor’s amusement. He’s seductive.

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Worse than a god in rage… is a god in love. I punish lies and deceit, An eternal damnation of agony and pain. Yet, when it is my wife whose deception plagues me, I know what I must do. Shackle her soul to the lying,

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