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Good puppies get rewards. Nicky was born into money—rolled in money—but it didn’t bring him the right honey. The young stud had been missing something in his pampered life even before he got dumped. The void deepens until he rescues a dog and an exceptional

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He’s a dangerous military bad boy who meets the curvy beauty that will change his life. I ended up in the Army after nearly losing myself to crime. I served my country proud and well, but it became too much. Now I’m home and I

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Working in the coffee shop bakery of Brody’s Books was an incredible job, and I loved that it allowed me to deliver baked goods to the local homeless shelter. My life was quiet and stable, just the way I wanted it. But if the most

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I won’t be winning any employee of the year awards. But only because my boss is the grumpy boss to end all grumpy bosses. Did I mention he doesn’t trust me to do my job? Challenge accepted. Not only am I going to help James

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