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These hot bikers are called Knights for a reason. Get in their way and meet your maker.   Everly: He calls me naïve and innocent. Says I’ve been abused and lied to. But I know the truth—omegas are supposed to be sweet and quiet and

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Welcome to Shadowborne Academy where vampire hunters are trained. Some are chosen. Some choose. Some will live. Some will die. Ash Carter was chosen. She has her reasons for being there, for pushing so hard, for staying so strong. She knows what happens when someone

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My five huge housemates are my stepbrothers and my worst enemies! When Mom tells me she’s getting married and moving to Antigua, I don’t know what to do. My friends are all in relationships, and I can’t afford to pay rent on my own. With

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It Seemed Like A Simple Bet, But It Changed Everything After a lifetime of bets with his best friends, he made the one bet that would change his life forever. It seemed simple enough. Get married. Make it last. Win a car. He’s A Billionaire

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