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I didn’t want to take a small-town girl and guard her in the middle of the city where she was uncomfortable. Safety came first, especially once I met Bethan. So I took her to the safest place I knew. Her sweetness touched parts of me

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Novel problems need novel solutions — A top historical romance writer without a family tree . . . a carpenter with disgruntled demons . . . a pushy playboy millionaire. As different as these three may be, their worlds will soon collide. At long last,

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Erik Duvall is half the man he used to be. The war took its toll on him—most noticeably on the right side of his face. He’s scarred, but those scars run more than skin deep. He’s repulsed by himself and assumes everyone else must be

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She’s hell-bent on revenge, but he’s hell-bent on seducing her. Britney is a vampire hunter hell-bent on revenge. Vampires killed her parents, and she’s out for justice, so she’s dedicated her life to working for the Department of Paranormal Entities. The Department has refused to

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