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The plan was for him to be the best ride of my life, NOT my baby daddy.   Don’t hook up with the cowboys. That’s rule #1 at the ranch. One glance into Todd’s sea-blue eyes, and I found myself drowning. I felt like a

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Leah My next door neighbor, Jenson, is a chef and a successful businessman. He’s also a single daddy to the cutest six-year-old girl. I’m only here as long as it takes to get my parents’ old house ready for sale. Then it’s time for me

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This is a story of Sean Miller. He’s a lawyer, a club owner, and a man that will have your panties diving for cover with an eyebrow quirk and will have even the strongest woman dropping to their knees in submission with his piercing stare.

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My life was finally on track. Until my boss’s brother transferred to our office. From the minute I met the broody, handsome, and infuriating Aiden Bronson, he was destroying all of my carefully made plans. First, he hijacked my Uber. Then, he caused an accident

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