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River View Ranch was a normal dude ranch in the great state of Wyoming. There was nothing there, except cowboys. But that’s what Stacie Hall wanted, right? She wanted to get away from Chicago, away from her past… She was glad that she had the

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Spring 1848 Marrying a stranger is a bad idea… Corinne had done it, but she wasn’t thrilled. How could she travel from Boston to Oregon territory… in a wagon… with a grumpy stranger? She needed his protection, but could she stand his company long enough

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Novel problems need novel solutions — A top historical romance writer without a family tree . . . a carpenter with disgruntled demons . . . a pushy playboy millionaire. As different as these three may be, their worlds will soon collide. At long last,

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The story of one mining camp is the story of mankind. Salvador Palomares, Don of a vast California rancho, saves the life of Ophir, a former slave pierced by an Indian arrow. Sal has wasted years in drunken cattle driving and horse racing, and is surprised

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