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A ruthless band of smugglers are stripping Cambodia of its priceless artifacts, including murder. Journalist Claire Linton is on the story of a lifetime. As she pursues the story, Claire finds a connection between Cambodia’s killing fields and the crimes that are plaguing the country

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I’m trying to sell my goods, but ain’t nobody buying. It’s a gym innovation that’s going to make me a billionaire. And my buddy said to hire a consultant to help out. So I did. And this girl is every hot dream I’ve had since

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Love is blind… But the truth is not. Now all I need is one night to make Michaela mine. The tremble in her sultry tone cuts through the banquet hall. Hundreds of Texas elite gather on a Friday night vying for attention, notoriety, and donations.

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Dreven: Now that I have found her, how do I convince her that she belongs to me? I will continue to pursue her until she realizes the truth. That she was created to be mine and I have loved her before I was born. Celeste:

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