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Jack Brown isn’t considering ethics when he travels back in time to visit his wife before she even met him. He’s simply a grieving husband with too much whisky in his system and a heart so broken he can hardly breathe. Emma Cook, a student and

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XXX-mas is coming early this year— Mrs. Nutcracker’s known for blowing minds with smashing Christmas celebrations. “Yuletide” is her middle name, and everything must always be perfect. This year, however, she’s forced to host her husband’s halfwit brother, Mouse, whose lousy behavior threatens to bring

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She wrecked his mission, but he stole her heart. SEAL Team Blackout Operator Ronin Ramsey is confident that this will be a successful international op. Locate the enemy and get out—simple. Until all hell breaks loose and he discovers a group of women are being

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The Broken series follows best friends and business partners Clay, Spencer, and Brant as they go from building custom dream homes for high profile clients to realizing their own dreams with three feisty, fierce women who can’t resist men who are good with their hands.

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Five years after a one-night stand, Grammy winner Mercy strolls back into Buc’s life but will he have to give her up to save her life? Buchannon “Buc” Gunderson is blood to one founder of the Black Dagger MC. To make sure he earns his

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The husband hunts, and the wife devours — Albert is a successful businessman, striking deals and putting down the competition in cold blood. By all outward appearances, he’s a traditional family man. However, he has a secret hobby that’s far from conservative. While away on

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