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All I did was break into his penthouse… and try to steal a priceless jewel. Now this billionaire’s threatening to keep me. I know, I know. It’s cat burglar 101. Never break in while the owner is there! Except I screwed up, and he caught

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Looking for a fresh start in a small town, ex-mobster Rocky Duncan put all his effort into launching a new business and gave up on finding love. Fate, however, had other plans… namely in the form of Violet, a neurotic germaphobe who is anything but

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***This is the PREQUEL to the destination wedding anthology, A Bridal Party to Remember, releasing June 14th, 2022.*** Gabe Carter never mixed business with pleasure. Not until he spotted a gorgeous strawberry blonde at a coffee shop and knew she was meant to be his.

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Coming back to Mason Creek was never the plan… When Faith left her small town after high school, she swore she’d never look back. But life and hard circumstances eventually opened her eyes, sending her back to Mason Creek a different person. Now a single

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