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A luxury resort, a billionaire, a burning out CPA—and a threatening corporate takeover. Can true love pave the way for a successful merger? Welcome to the Steele Valley Resort, where luxury meets small town hospitality. Angelica Mason travels to a high-end resort in the mountains

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Whoever invented joint bachelor parties never planned one with their ex. I should’ve known I couldn’t avoid seeing Hudson Remington again for the rest of my life, especially when we share best friends who are getting married.   Does that mean I’m prepared to run

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Rhett Whitney didn’t have time for love until he met a beautiful intern and pictured her round with his baby. His reaction to Charlotte Kennedy convinced the real estate mogul that love at first sight was real. Unfortunately, Charlotte wasn’t too sure about her boss’s

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When I ran away to another city to rebuild my life on my own, I moved into a loft with two roommates. One was rarely there, and the other sublet their room to a weird, cocky tattoo artist named Hawk. A breathtaking, sexy man who

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