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Aidan: I’m perfectly content with my life, until Chloe walks through the door, upending any semblance of balance. Chloe is one of those fast-talking New Yorkers with an opinion about everything. Never mind that most of them are correct. She also has the greatest ass

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When life tries to screw you over…bang it back even harder! When Barbara’s husband runs off with a younger woman, her world falls to pieces. Not only is she now alone but buried under untold debt. To make the mortgage, Barb will need an income

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Billionaire Diego Sanchez was too busy building an empire to worry about finding a wife and having kids, no matter how much his mother pestered him. Until he spotted a young beauty on the beach who made his heart beat like no other. Diego had

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Callie Johnson escapes from her cheating fiancé and the rest of the world when she takes a girl’s trip to Hawaii with her best friend, but she’s thrown into a riptide when professional surfer Lucas Slater saves her from drowning. Against her better judgment, she

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