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An Escapade like no other begins in London. Finally, Johnny had peace and stability in his life; wife, kids, and even God on his side. However, when his charitable work fell into the hands of criminals, it all devolved. He was a wanted man, his

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My new neighbor is an obnoxiously attractive, perpetual bachelor with startling commitment issues. And I just agreed to be his fake girlfriend. As a socially awkward hot mess, I knew moving to a small town full of nosy, quirky residents wasn’t going to be easy.

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I want to strip down my brother’s best friend and ride him like one of his prized horses. When Blade Beaumont needs me to fill in for one of his champion riders at the last minute, I say yes against my better judgment. This billionaire

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I always get what I want, but Knocking June up was not on my wishlist….   I’ll stop at nothing to claim her as my own. June is everything i ever wanted. The moment she walked into my art gallery I knew she’d be mine.

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