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Will their shot at happily ever after be a homerun, or a foul ball? There’s only one way to find out… Leo: I was living the good life. Between my pro baseball career, full dating life, and supportive (if somewhat intrusive) family, I had everything

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Not all pray the same way. Though both are hot as hell and have a role to play in their best friends’ wedding, exes Kate and Patrick are polar opposites in every way. He’s still an egocentric prick; she’s still elitist to the core. One

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Tech billionaire Jonah Carrington had no plans to have a family. Then he suddenly became the guardian of his one-month old nephew, and his heart was filled in a way he hadn’t known was possible. He was prepared to be a single father until he

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A Texas Ranger balancing a demanding career with a new marriage, his lovely bride who leaves him without an explanation, and the financial fraud scheme that puts their hearts back on a collision course… It’s not easy being a Texas Ranger. Seven Colburn is living

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