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When the sirens go off, the fun starts… Best friends Jonathon and Robert have shared everything since they first met in kindergarten…toys, an apartment, and now, a woman. The duo has loved their coworker Claudia from afar for years now, but they’ve always been afraid

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She thinks she knows this player…but he’s full of surprises. Sabrina Why does my promotion depend on Dan McMullen, of all people? I’ve been working my butt off for years and now all I have to do is get the star center fielder game ready

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Billionaire Jamison Kennedy fell in love at first sight with his sweet, country girl. They were from different worlds, but he knew she was meant for him. He wasted no time in sweeping Hazel off her feet and tying the knot. Hazel was desperately in

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Adrian Clarke quickly discovered there were drawbacks to playing the hero from the bestselling romance trilogy of all time. It was difficult to have any privacy when everyone knew who you were. Casey Smythe knew nothing about Hollywood heartthrobs or celebrity gossip. The beautiful college

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