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He’s about to get his first taste of failure, and she’s about to break the rules. When it comes to love, all bets are off. Self-made billionaire Blaise Mortenson made a wager to see who will be the last bachelor…but his plan to win could

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My first genuinely naughty experience was a few stolen kisses with a sexy masked man in the rose garden. I would never have expected to start a relationship with a hot billionaire. Working for my father as a tour guide at the historical Emmensby House

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Opposites don’t only attract—they combust… Retired pilot Michael Modeen is happy to be part of the WEST Protection security team. Usually, anyway. But his current mission has him grounded—and working with a snarky and very sexy woman who happens to be his boss’s little sister. She’s totally off limits. And knowing

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Her family’s mafia empire drove me deeper into the darkness that has ruled my life since birth. Asena Titan— the family princess. My beautiful addiction. My sweet torment. Untouchable in every way while she is perched high upon her pedestal. I am and forever will

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