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Farrell Blackmore. *Six feet tall, dark, dangerous, and ruggedly handsome. *Single dad. *My kidnapper. He’s no Prince Charming. He’s a monster who will have me killed in the end. He stole my freedom and locked me in a cage. I despise him for everything he’s

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It’s time to fear the reaper… For a club that’s supposed to be going legit, the members of The Bedlam Horde keep getting into some pretty serious scrapes. Maybe it’s because they’re trying to go legit that they’re faced with so much pushback. Reaper Dusty

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A sweet Regency romance–setting: England, 1813 She failed at the one task Society allotted to her… But there is more to Sylvia Dillworth than meets the eye.After a disastrous presentation at Court, Lady Sylvia learns that her parents plan to marry her to a man

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Zenni falls in love with billionaire Colton Sage while they fight over his plans to demolish a plantation that is the only piece of history connecting Zenni to her enslaved ancestors in a small Georgia town.

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