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Before the laughs, loves, and happily ever afters, there was the bet… The bet was simple. The last of Henry Davenport’s six billionaire friends to marry wins the half billion dollars, and the all-important bragging rights. But who knew losing could be so sweet? This clean and

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Fall into Love again and again with this delightful collection of light-hearted romances. Enchanted Quill Romance presents Fall into Love, a limited edition collection of romantic comedies written by USA TODAY bestselling authors, and up-and-coming comedy queens. Prepare to be tickled pink by these hand-selected

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Cinnamon Mabel Dalton always struggled to fit in. A musical savant at an early age, Cinn’s life was anything but easy. After a failed marriage and broken heart, she worried she would never find someone who understood her devotion to her craft, and her family.

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Once upon a time there was an innocent girl…and a ruthless crime lord sworn to protect her. Helina has spent most of her life alone, hidden away from the world for her own protection, with her stepbrother Gregori her only company. A man who consumes

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Mysterious and brooding, Brody is the epitome of deliciously dangerous, and Jewel wants Brody regardless of the consequences. In order to keep his secret hidden, he must refrain from getting emotionally attached to anyone. But Jewel was breaking down his defenses and he might just

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