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She’s a reserved bookworm. He’s the man she can’t stand. When she sees a different side to him, will these two opposites find true love? I vowed never to return to my hometown and the people who live there. Now, unemployed and needing a place

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Out of the Ashes will be the best bar in the county. At least that’s what I promised my uncle before he passed away. With all the changes we’re making, more challenges arise. The crowd seems to get rowdier with every day that passes, and

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A serial killer is stalking the donors of the San Francisco Philharmonic and it is up to police detective Phillipa ‘Flip’ Morland to stop him. With her partner in the hospital, Flip must team up with classical musician Professor Jeremy Burke to catch the madman

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Semyon My nanny quit, we’re on the verge of war, and I have a meeting with a new person seeking assistance from the Orlov family. I’m at my wit’s end when she walks in, the answer to my prayers with her bachelor’s in child development

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Time does not heal all wounds, or does it? Anne Black enjoys being in control of her life. She trains MMA fighters by day and works as a dominatrix by night. A single encounter with a mysterious and handsome stranger turns her world upside down.

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Originally published as Guarding Their Valentine, but India deserved more! So, I’ve re-imagined her story as a full-length hot baby-making reverse harem mafia romance that brings the heat and happily-ever-after! My trio of bratva men were a one-night stand. My filthy little secret I got

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