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They say karma is a b&tch. I grew up around the notorious Knight’s Legion MC in North Dakota. They taught me two things. One: Their family and club come first. Two: Never betray a Knight. Seven years ago, Cobra and I hurt each other in

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The meal doesn’t end with dessert Ben and Amanda are celebrating—doing so with a typic style. And yet, the nosy neighbors couldn’t guess what’s being served tonight. Their two-month anniversary revolves around their lover, Ben. An epicurean meal awaits . . . capped off with

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A lot can change in a year and the end of Alan and Brianna’s fake relationship is just the beginning. Hounded by family drama and still reeling from an embarrassing breakup, Brianna Walsh makes two huge mistakes in one night. First, she takes home a

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Keane Vetle had called the wilderness his home for decades. It didn’t take much to make him and his inner grizzly happy. The only thing missing in his life was the woman who had been made for him. Heading to the woods with two of

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Hallie Delos Santos was seventeen years old when she fled the small town of Bluehaven without looking back Five years later, she returns. With a past she refuses to talk about, Hallie needs to walk the halls of her old school with her head held

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Falling for her target wasn’t part of the plan. Tasha Ward exists as a phantom. Drifting from place to place, she can blend in to the point of invisibility—a trait highly useful for a deadly assassin like her. But after years of perfecting her skills,

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