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Shawna: As a single mom and business owner, dating is the last thing on my mind. Then Nate walks into my bar. There’s something about him that intrigues me, and I can’t deny my attraction to him. I’ve never felt this way about a man

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The strangest summer job ever: Dad hired me to cook and clean for the most prestigious author at his publishing company. Oh, and lightly bully him to make sure the final book of his phenomenal sci-fi series was progressing. Darien was almost the same age

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Her family’s mafia empire drove me deeper into the darkness that has ruled my life since birth. Asena Titan— the family princess. My beautiful addiction. My sweet torment. Untouchable in every way while she is perched high upon her pedestal. I am and forever will

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Being kidnapped is supposed to be a bad thing, but when an incredibly sexy, alien is involved, sometimes good and bad get fuzzy. When Sarah wakes up in a pod, nowhere she recognizes, she knows something has gone entirely wrong. Worse, she soon finds there

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