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Lucien nudged his horse sideways, so that their knees touched for the briefest of moments, just short enough that neither the lady’s maid or valet could claim it was intentional, and a desire to reach out and touch his leg shot through Jennie. And with

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The husband hunts, and the wife devours — Albert is a successful businessman, striking deals and putting down the competition in cold blood. By all outward appearances, he’s a traditional family man. However, he has a secret hobby that’s far from conservative. While away on

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It was supposed to be a simple personal security job. But Ashley was so sexy and innocent that my need to care for her was far more than professional. She was sunshine and warmth and everything I truly desired. She felt like… home. Our chemistry

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Mayhem is coming for the Knight’s Legion MC… Madeline. My Angel. The light to my darkness. As President of the Knight’s Legion MC, death and destruction come with the territory—this club is my life. Then she comes along and casts a spell on me with

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Their secret could ruin everything, but living without each other one more day would destroy them. Blade and Avery’s story continues. Is love really enough? Avery What am I doing? I must have lost it. Yep…I’ve gone crazy! But I don’t care…I can’t imagine another

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No one expected to grow up in a cult, but that was exactly what life had in store for Leviticus Temple and his four brothers. But what happens when life throws a sudden curveball and a righteous son of Zion is introduced to a life

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