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She’s busy chasing her dream job. He’s a restless wanderer with aspirations of his own. When a gig job brings them together, will they follow their dreams or give in to their hearts? Tracey I’ve had an eye on my dream job for months. When

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— Sometimes watching IS the action — Eastern-European bombshell Sveta always gets attention. Men are prone to turning into puddles at her feet—a bore. However, when a real man, Chris—a connoisseur of many things—becomes her latest devotee, she finds him wholly irresistible. Though otherwise superlative,

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Hunted for her discovery, only one man can protect her. Marine biologist Alina Andersen has loved sharks since she was a little girl. So, when she suspects decaying nuclear submarines are polluting their Arctic breeding grounds, she sets out on a mission to find proof.

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Two has struggled all his life to fit in. His own father didn’t even want him, and walked out on him and his mother. As a result, he’s always believed that if a father isn’t willing to be front and center for his children, then

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I am the missing wolf princess. But there’s something different about me. Something that could get me killed. I can’t let anyone know my secret. Not even my two hot protectors. I can’t go to the wolf academy. I’m being hunted. And if I don’t

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