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A ruthless billionaire determined to get revenge. A woman with more to lose than her virginity. And a sensual game that will break them both. Gabriel Miller has thirty days to do anything he wants with her body. He can enjoy every inch of her,

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She hates me, but she’s mine. My father is missing. As the head of the Callaghan mob family, he has lots of enemies. Somehow, one of them got their hands on him. So now my brothers and I are on the hunt for a kidnapper.

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Retired Navy SEAL Travis Kincaid is Obsessed… For two years, Prairie’s Chief of Police hasn’t been able to get single mom Elaine Ryder out of his head. Her gentle strength, shy smile, and luscious curves soothe the ruthless savage that still lurks inside of him.

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Charlie Delmonico is a fixer. It’s what he does for a living. He fixes all the city’s problems. For a fee. He wants to fix Amelia’s problems. Or use her for a fix, whichever works best. Amelia works in the lobby of a building, until

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