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I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t charm… The devil’s in the details and I like to keep them vague. As one of the most successful real estate moguls in NYC, I’m filthy rich and filthy mouthed. Those cosmo girls in my social circle like

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Peppa Leander was a rising star in the Chicago restaurant scene, but she was tired of kitchen politics. And working with too many humans. The offer to become the head chef for a new restaurant in Timber Ridge came at the perfect time. Cason Kemp

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Family ties run deep in the heart of Texas. Is there room in Paradise Valley for three more Daltons? Lilah Sherman was a geeky teen who loved sci-fi—and Easton Dalton. He even kissed her at a Halloween party, but she found out later it was

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Two has struggled all his life to fit in. His own father didn’t even want him, and walked out on him and his mother. As a result, he’s always believed that if a father isn’t willing to be front and center for his children, then

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I’m torn between what I want and what I need. What I need is money. I’ll do anything to stay in school, so when hard times hit a friend offers a few questionable options that can put fast cash in my hands. I can either

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Going away to college was supposed to be a way to escape overbearing men trying to claim me. Still, I ran right into the king of security, thinking I could get past his guards. I strolled into his party uninvited, thinking I’d had the upper

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