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She’s never forgotten her first love. A scholarship to an elite college was supposed to be Olivia Davidson’s ticket to success—one she never had a chance to cash. But she’s found her own path, first through the military, now as an entrepreneur. She can attend

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Peppa Leander was a rising star in the Chicago restaurant scene, but she was tired of kitchen politics. And working with too many humans. The offer to become the head chef for a new restaurant in Timber Ridge came at the perfect time. Cason Kemp

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In the protection game, sometimes you have to be ruthless… Navy SEAL Montgomery Sparrow practically lives in the danger zone. It’s his job. So when terrorists bomb the nation’s capital, he’s at ground zero, prepared to rally his elite team and neutralize the threat. He was ready for anything. Well,

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Nervous, scared, and completely unqualified. That’s the way I walked into Jack Shaw’s office building. I walked out with my stomach in knots for a completely different reason. My heart is pounding like I had actually went running. My head and heart war with quitting

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