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Evil has tipped the scales in the balance of time. Ember just doesn’t know it yet. Ember Brighton knows exactly what she wants in life, and how to get there, until she finds out her life is intricately woven and laid out…and not in any

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Family ties run deep in the heart of Texas. Is there room in Paradise Valley for three more Daltons? Ford Dalton’s luck seems to have run out. The job he loved on the rodeo circuit left him with a back injury, and he was replaced.

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I told myself I was done with men. After a string of bad relationships, then the devastation of losing my mom to cancer, I knew life would never be the same. Losing my mom was hard enough, but finding out she had lied to me

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A moonlit night, a country road, a man in a hurry. From the moment Daniel runs his car into a ditch, to the scene he encounters in a remote part of the bush, he struggles to make sense of what is happening. In a quiet

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