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Love is for girls and suckers. But jealousy is for manly men. No way in hell I’m attending my ex-girlfriend’s father’s big event. Not after that witch ripped my soul out a few years back. Funnily enough, my billionaire family doesn’t care much about that.

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Trinity Ruslan wasn’t a fan of small towns or wolf shifters. And she really didn’t like the pack that lured her little brother away from his family. Timber Ridge was the last place she wanted to visit, but she couldn’t resist the chance to name

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Alexandra says “We all deserve to be punished and used once in a while. I know that I do!” This bundle has over sixty stories of BDSM, Discipline, Spanking, Dominance, and Submission. A CEO who needs to be dominated at night by multiple men to keep her bearings.

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Happiness exited their relationship five years ago, and he’s the reason it happened so she believes. Breanna Ellis longs for the bliss she once shared with Elijah Bryson, her longtime boyfriend and even more wonderful father to their daughter. Yet that ship set sail the

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Make contact with the hottest alien anthology in the universe! Claimed Among the Stars will rocket you to reading bliss with more action, adventure, and pleasure than one planet can contain. Curl up with this collection of wild and wonderful heavenly bodies and venture to

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