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Both books in the Big Bad Wolf duet included in one bundle plus a Christmas bonus epilogue.   Big Bad Wolf, Book One: Santino Buratti is ruthless, powerful, and only cares about one thing…his latest prey Lucinda O’Brien. As the only daughter of a mafia

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Clockwatchers used to bother me, until a sexy investment guy changed my mind. Many people are a bit uptight. Maybe that’s why I was constantly analyzing my friends’ relationships instead of finding one of my own. Maybe that’s why I often felt like switching cities,

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Calliope Taft has wanted a hunky shifter of her own ever since her best friends let her in on the secret of their existence. Just when she started to give up hope, a sexy tiger shifter claimed her as his own. Tane Ruslan hadn’t expected

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It’s straight to hell from here… Cassidy Smith is desperate for some excitement. Her free-spirited best friend keeps her on her toes with the occasional misadventure, but deep down, she just needs… more. When the girls stumble into a bar known for its bad reputation

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