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Ivy Lancombe: Age: 25 Looks: Short, chestnut brown, and buxom Favorite Food: Blackberry Pie Status: Single, but secretly in love with her best friend   Shepard Lund: Age: 26 Looks: Tall, blond, and skinny Favorite Food: Meatloaf Status: Single, but secretly in love with his

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Two strangers roll the dice…on each other. She’s hit rock bottom…in Las Vegas. Janelle Carlisle thought signing up to be a sugar baby would be a great way to pay down her student loans and prove she’s finally over her last boyfriend—two birds, one stone.

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year for some, but not for me. The holidays could be lonely. Only this year, I had options. Two. Ben and Jonas both wanted to spend time with me. I wanted to spend time with both of them. So,

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When Larissa Nash went looking for her best friend, she never expected to find her in a town full of shifters. She didn’t even know they existed until Kace Lowell clued her in on the secret by shifting into his wolf. Mating a human was

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