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She’s beautiful, perfect, and most importantly, she’s mine. She just doesn’t know it yet. I need to stay away from the town’s hot golden boy. He’s waaaay out my league. That doesn’t mean I can’t have my dirty fantasies though, right? I know I can’t have him.

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Anneliese Barlow writes mysteries, but the real mystery is her love life… or the lack thereof. Anneliese: They say that the real moneymaker is romance novels, so I’m starting fresh. Except I’ve never written one of those scenes in my life. My editor sends to me the

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Retribution is at hand. His and hers… Once upon a time, Kabir Shetty was an artist, a gentle soul, a friend. In fact, he was Shreya Rao’s only friend in the criminal underworld they both inhabited. But those days are long gone. He went from trusted friend to Shreya’s

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Sophia is newly single and ready to mingle… Sophia seems to have it all: a high-flying job running London’s coolest beauty PR agency, a long-term boyfriend and a dressing room filled with designer shoes. But money can’t buy everything… When tragedy strikes, Sophia realises she’s

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